Smart Grid traffic model

For the study in our paper “What Can Wireless Cellular Technologies Do about the Upcoming Smart Metering Traffic?“, published September 2015 in the IEEE Communications Magazine, we derived a smart grid traffic model. This traffic model was based on the Open Smart Grid User Group specifications and some assumptions on system deployment parameters, as we described in the manuscript. Since there has been an interest in the derived model, we have decided to make it publicly available on our webpage.

The file can be downloaded here: traffic_model_shared.xlsx

With this, you can generate scenarios with different ratios of residential and industrial smart meters. For example, if you want to simulate a scenario with 80% residential and  20% industry, you should let 80% of your traffic generators use the traffic of the 40 flows in category 1 and 20% of the 40 flows in category 2. Also, you can scale the number of traffic generators for WAMS, which is category 3.

Please cite our magazine paper if you use the traffic model in any of your work.