SUNSEED project starts at massM2M group

We announce the beginning of the research project “Sustainable and robust networking for smart electricity distribution – SUNSEED”, funded under call FP7-ICT-2013-11 (STREP). The project started in February 2014, and its duration is three years.

SUNSEED proposes an evolutionary approach to exploitation of already existing communication networks both of energy and telecom operators. The objective of the project is to converge these networks and form a communication infrastructure for future smart energy grids offering open services. The networks’ convergence will be carried out in six steps: overlap, interconnect, interoperate, manage, plan and open; each step involves identification of the related smart grid service requirements and implementation of the appropriate solutions. SUNSEED approach promises much lower investments and total cost of ownership for future smart energy grids with dense distributed energy generation and prosumer involvement.

The researchers from massM2M group, Department of Electronic Systems, AAU, will be primarily involved in M2M aspects of the smart grid services. The focus of the work will be on (1) enhancing and reengineering of the cellular access network, in order to increase its capacity and reliability in order to provide support for massive number of smart grid devices, like PMUs, smart meters, e-cars etc., (2) upgrading the core network in order to provide advanced reliability features, such as path diversity, advanced optimization and healing.

Researchers affiliated to the project: Dr. Cedomir Stefanovic, Dr. Nuno Pratas, Prof. Petar Popovski.